University Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) Guidelines

The Louisiana State Senate passed Bill 60 on Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) that went into effect on July 1, 2021. This law permits intercollegiate student-athletes enrolled at a university or college in the state to earn compensation at market value for use of their name, image, and likeness and retain an agent or attorney relating to this compensation. A college or university, athletic conference, or the NCAA cannot prevent a student-athlete from earning compensation from the use of the student-athlete's name, image, or likeness. 

NIL is different from donating to a fundraiser to benefit Grambling State University. Any donations collected to benefit the institution are handled solely by the following approved entities: Grambling University Foundation, Black and Gold Foundation, and the Grambling University National Alumni Association. Any organization other than those referenced is not authorized to collect funds on behalf of Grambling State University. If discovered, they should be reported to the Office of Advancement via

The Commitment to the Grambling State Brand

Grambling State University is committed to protecting the use of its name, department names, monikers, logos, and visual marks or any likenesses, including but not limited to advertising, stationery, websites, social media, co-branding, facilities or apparel, and merchandise. The following guidelines will apply when using University trademarks, branding, or identifying markers. 

Trademark, copyrights, branding elements, and identifying markers can include but are not limited to:

  • Words and Monikers (for example, Grambling, Grambling State University, Grambling Tigers, Tigers, and Gramfam)
  • Symbols (for example, wordmark, G logo, Tiger logo, combined logo)
  • Colors (for example, Black and Gold)
  • Imagery (for example, campus/facility photography, roster headshots, photos in uniform)

Use of University trademarks, branding elements, or identifying markers can only be used by licensed vendors as managed through Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). If a vendor is unlicensed, the process can be initiated by visiting

General NIL Questions

No references to drugs, tobacco-related products, alcohol, illegal substances/activities, banned athletics substances, or any form of gambling including sports wagering may be used in conjunction with University marks.

Co-branding with the University or use of identifying markers will be considered on a case-by-case basis with respect to current contractual relationships and in accordance with University policies. These rights will need to be secured through an agreement granting specified promotional or licensed rights.

For retail products, only officially licensed manufacturers of the University may reproduce items bearing the University’s trademarks and indicia. Select a Licensed Vendor. The Collegiate Licensing Company, CLC, helps to administer the University’s licensing program. Learn more about the license application process.

University marks cannot be altered or modified in any manner (including, but not limited to adding elements to official logos or covering parts of logos with other elements, color changes, stretching or skewing, flipping, separating into parts, or altering any part of any university logo. The appropriate TM (trademark) or ® (federally registered) indicator must appear next to the appropriate moniker, logo, or wordmark.

Student-athletes will have the opportunity to log their NIL transactions in the INFLCR Compliance Exchange, which is a self-reporting option. INFLCR uses a Compliance Ledger to monitor all transactions and is a two-way communication between the student-athletes and compliance. Student athletes will have the freedom to earn compensation for their NIL subject only to certain statutory and institutional policies. GSU will not be involved in arranging compensation or contracts for an intercollegiate athlete or provide compensation themselves. More information can be found on the Athletics page.


Grambling State University reserves the right to adjust guidelines based on any guidance provided by Louisiana law, the Louisiana Governor, the Louisiana Board of Regents, the University of Louisiana System, the NCAA or University Administration. Any questions concerning these guidelines can be sent to

For more information about guidelines for student-athletes, visit the athletics NIL page.