Student organizations are permitted to use the GSU trademarks as approved by the GSU Office of Advancement.

Student groups that are not registered with GSU Student Organizations, must be recognized by a department, unit or an official academic program to be permitted use of the GSU trademarks.

A GSU authorized licensee should to be used produce apparel and/or promotional products.

GSU Branding Guidelines for Apparel and Promotional Product:

Student Organizations Guidelines

  • Designs may include creative design that meets branding guidelines.
  • Graphics should be positive in nature and cast a good light on GSU.
  • No drugs, alcohol, gambling, firearms or inappropriate language are permitted.
  • If the student organization does not want to include their student organization name on the shirt, the design must meet the guidelines for Schools, Colleges and Departments.
  • Sponsor logos may appear on the back of the shirt, but no GSU branding is permitted along with the sponsor logos, unless a GSU department is a sponsor. Sponsors should be in alphabetical order unless placement is based on level of sponsorship. If a GSU program is a sponsor, GSU logo should appear at the top, unless it isn’t appropriate based on sponsorship level.
  • Design cannot use trademarks from other entities or derivatives of those marks.