Obtaining a License

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is GSU’s licensing representative/agent. CLC assists GSU in processing licensing applications for all companies that wish to produce GSU products that are sold at retail or for campus departments and student groups.

The following license agreements are administered by Grambling State University:


The GSU Crafters Licensing program exists to make licensing agreements more affordable for small crafters. A crafter is defined as individual(s) producing domestic handcrafted items with collegiate marks, and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. No sales will be permitted on a wholesale basis or to a third party retailer.

Crafter's licensing will be handled through the Community Connect program via DLH (directlicensinghub.com. Because licensing is billed per calendar year, you will pay are prorated amount to carry through December and assessed the full $125 in January.
Please note that as a crafter, you will be governed by the following:
  • Sales do not exceed $2,500 per calendar year
  • No more than 500 units are sold per calendar year
  • Apparel (shirts, hats, pants, etc.) is not an approved product under this licensing model
  • All payments and reporting are done through Direct Licensing Hub
  • You will receive a certificate that should be displayed whenever you are selling your wares at an in-person event

Crafters may not sell their items to permanent brick and mortar retail locations.  If all conditions are continued to be met, crafters will have the option to renew their contract for a new 12 month term each year.



For use of GSU distinguishing marks for commercial purposes for a specific project and a limited time

There are three types of licenses that can be attained through CLC:


For production of emblematic merchandise to be sold by an individual or company at retail


License is for internal suppliers; products sold to the institution for internal consumption only and cannot be resold by restricted licensees

  • Exempt from reporting royalties
  • $100 annual administrative fee
  • Advance fee waived
  • Must complete the Art Approval/Royalty Waiver form - https://clc.com/home/get-licensed/

Submit your application to CLC. The application will be reviewed to ensure that all needed paperwork has been submitted and then forwarded on to GSU.

Depending upon the time of year that the application has been submitted, it can take up to six to eight weeks for GSU to review your application. Though other factors are considered when reviewing new licensing requests, GSU reviews all applications based on the following key criteria:

  • Company business plan
  • Sales history
  • Previous licensing experience
  • Product uniqueness
  • Appropriateness of product
  • Product viability/market demand
  • Current retail relationships (for prospective Local and Standard licensees only)

CLC will alert you when GSU has made its decision regarding your application.



Licensing and Trademarks