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Grambling State University implements programs that support student success and ultimately completion of the degree.  These programs are found in every unit at the university: Academic Affairs, Athletics, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Finance. These programs include tutorials, supplemental instruction, living and learning communities, and early intervention programs. 

In an effort to impact the retention of students, the organizational structure at Grambling State University was modified during the Spring 2010 semester to include a division of Enrollment Management.  Units that were devoted to retention were moved from other divisions and placed in Enrollment Management under the leadership of a vice-president who has primary responsibility for overseeing the retention efforts at the university.  The units housed in this division include the Office of Retention, First Year Experience, and the Trio Program; units that play a major role in the implementation of programs that support students completing degree programs. 

  • Office of Retention

  • First Year Experience-The Student Success department focuses on the first year experience of students, implementing programs that are designed to support the successful transition into the university. The First Year Experience program is comprised of an orientation for new and transitional students, academic advisement/counseling, and seminar-based instruction that will guide the student through the first year of college. The services provided are designed to support retention. The Student Success Department manages the following retention efforts:
    • Identify at risk students and steer them to the needed service
    • Implement an aggressive pre-registration effort during the fall semester to get students to enroll in the Spring semester.  This effort resulted in 92% retention rate for the Spring 2011 semester. 
    • Teach the first semester and second semester First Year Experience Courses that all freshmen are required to complete.   These courses focus on the history of Grambling State University, Study Skills, and Career Planning. 

    FYE Student Success

  • TRIO Program-This program is funded by the U. S. Department of Education.  Student Support Services was first established at Grambling State University in 1970.  The program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education.  The target groups are first and second year students from low income families, first generation attendees, or students with disabilities evidencing academic need.  Program services provided include academic advising, tutorial services, career counseling, mentoring, book loan, computer lab access, disability services, and cultural enrichment events.  Grambling State University services 244 participants.
  • Mathematics Clinic- In an effort to improve the mathematical skills and knowledge of students, the Quality Enhancement Plan has implemented the Mathematics Clinic and Technology in Teaching Mathematics.  These programs are designed to improve student performance in Pre-Calculus I and Pre-Calculus II.  Both of these initiatives began in the fall of 2010. 
  • University Police-The University Police sponsors programs that support student success.   These programs include Alcohol Awareness, Face Book Safety, and Cybercrimes.  During freshman orientation a representative from the university police speaks to the student about maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning. (
  • Writing Lab-The Writing Enhancement Lab provides tutorial services to enhance student learning, to improve students’ overall writing skills and to help students have a better understanding of the writing process.  Currently housed in the Department of English in Woodson Hall, 137 students were serviced in the tutorial lab in fall 2010.  During spring 2011, prior to midterm, 51 students were serviced.
  • Athletic Academic Enhancement Laboratory-   Originated in January 2009, The Athletic Academic Center was created to enhance and promote the potential for each student-athlete to meet and exceed high academic standards and be successful throughout their matriculation at Grambling State University.  The academic realm includes progress towards degree completion while continuing to increase graduation and retention rates.   The Athletic Academic Center is a viable part of the Athletics Departments and is located in an environment conducive to learning (Men’s Gymnasium - West Wing/Main Suite). Also, a Student-Athlete Lab is housed in the Fredrick C Hobdy Assembly center which is funded through a Grant from the NCAA. The Academic Center is comprised of academic support services to include a computer lab and the Gradesfirst software initiative to support the Academic Enhancement Study Hall/Tutorial Enrichment Policy.  This software encompasses technological advancements to allow a “state-of-the-art” tracking system beneficial to the entire university.  We have verified increased academic performance and higher student-athlete grade point averages since the incorporation of this software.
  • Teacher Education Student Success Initiatives-A freshman orientation course for education majors was implemented in 2008-09 and became the first step in using a cohort model to facilitate students’ (candidates’) academic success.  The course not only strengthens skills for success (such as study skills, time management, test-taking, etc.) but also provides opportunities for them to bond with candidates who are facing similar challenges.  More candidates are meeting adequate yearly progress expectations.  Sixty-four freshmen declared education as a major in the 2009-10 freshmen cohort and forty-nine (77%) in this cohort returned fall 2010.  The 2010-11 cohort consists of fifty-three students who declared education as a major and 100% of the cohort returned for the spring 2011 semester.    Retention of education majors is impacted by success on PRAXIS examinations.  The college of Education provides support for preparation for these examinations through the orientation course, individual tutorials and the PRAXIS laboratory.
  • NCLEX Passage Rate Plan - The Nursing Faculty has identified a plan that supports improving the NCLEX scores earned by BSN graduates.

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