Center of Academic Excellence

Center of Academic Excellence, provides support for the programs below: CRC, STEM (big data), Apple C2CAE: Integrated educational learning space and services for academic success.

  • Curriculum Resource Center
  • Supports STEM - Degree and Certificate Programs
  • Supports Apple C2 Code and Creative Program


The Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) as an integrated hub/space for curriculum education learning resources and special services, dedicated to support student learning and academic success.


The CAE provides academic opportunities for collaborative learning, critical thinking, student soft skills, coaching, and curriculum development and reform.

As integrated educational service space for academic success, Center of Academic Excellence objectively strives to:

  • Provide access to education material and services needed to support student learning - physically and digitally;
  • Provide instructional supports to enhance student learning experience and success;
  • Support subject-centered curriculum design and reform that focus on student academic achievement;
  • Support the STEM and Apple C2 innovative learning programs with needed resources and services.


STEM is for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) supports multi disciplines/programs. Students - STEM and non-STEM majors. Faculty members - develop and teach certificate and undergraduate degree program courses

STEM wordcloudSTEM programs currently offered:

GSU-Apple C2 Community Education Initiatives

Apple C2 Education - Technology equity education initiatives for minority. Students - students and community. Faculty/Staff - Dept. of Computer Science and Digital Technologies will be offering 3 credit SWIFT coding courses for students and community.

Objective of C2 program initiatives:

To provide technology equity education for minority and/or underrepresented community.

Department of Computer Science and Digital Technologies will be offering 3 credit Swift coding course for students and workshops for the community.

For more information about partnership, please send email to Cecilia lwala at: or visit the college of Arts and Sciences web page at: 

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC):

Instructors’ and students’ resources space.

Objectives: Transform teaching and learning experience.

Provides access to special curriculum transformation resources and instruction program to enhance, reinforce, and expand student learning experience.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) activities:

Resources and student tutorial programs:

  • CRC computer lab.
  • Instruction program,
  • Peer Assisted Learning,
  • Mentoring / Coaching,
  • Workshops for study learning soft skills,
  • Educational learning material /resources.

Online tests, tutorials, e-Books, and related material/resources:

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Dr. Stacey Duhon, Dean-COAS/Associate Professor, College of Arts and SciencesDr. Stacey Duhon, Dean-COAS/Associate Professor,
College of Arts and Sciences.

Cecilia lwala, Director of the Center of Academic Excellence.Cecilia lwala
Director of Center of Academic Excellence
Apple C2 Innovation Program Manager
College of Arts and Sciences
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