Letter to Prospective Students


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Dear Prospective Student

We are very proud to have this opportunity to invite you to become a member of the Grambling State University “World Famed” TIGER Marching Band. At this time, we are reaching for new heights, new goals and methods of teaching, as well as innovative ideas. The time is coming for us to consider, evaluate and audition prospective personnel for the Grambling State University Concert/Marching Band for a new school term.

Under new procedures, you will receive a set of application forms for a Band Service Award. This application must be filled out and returned to our office immediately. If you have any other required paperwork to mail to the university (i.e. Admission Application, Housing Application, Financial Aid Application or Medial Immunization/History Form) we will be glad to forward them to the appropriate department(s).

All applicants seeking financial assistance through our Band Service Award Program must perform the audition requirements. If you choose to email a video of your audition, please feel free to do so by emailing the appropriate band director. In-person or Virtual Auditions may also be scheduled. I suggest that all applications and forms be prepared and mailed immediately as we will have a limited amount of funds available for Band Service Awards. Please contact the appropriate director or email us at worldfamed@gram.edu, If you have any questions.

  • Dr. Nikole Roebuck, Director of Bands, (318)274-2682  roebuckn@gram.edu 
  • Mr. Michael Hendrix, Associate Director of Bands I, (318) 274-2498 hendrixm@gram.edu 
  • Dr. Edwin B. Thomas, Associate Director of Bands II & Percussion, (318) 274-3769 thomaseb@gram.edu 
  • Dr. Kendall Damond, Asst. Band Director-Lower Brass, (318) 274-2694 damondk@gram.edu 
  • Mr. Jonathon Neal, Asst. Band Director-Upper Brass, (318) 274-6107 nealj@gram.edu 
  • Mr. Michael Price, Asst. Band Director-Woodwinds, (318) 274-6257 pricem@gram.edu 
  • Mr. Chivas Ross, Percussion, (318) 274-6257 rossc@gram.edu 
  • Mr. Dillard Sims, Percussion, (318) 274-6257 worldfamed@gram.edu 

We look forward to receiving your application.


 Nikole M Roebuck, Ph.D.
Director of Bands
Grambling State University “World Famed” Tiger Marching Band


P.O. Box 4238, Grambling, LA 71275   Office: 318.-274.6157/6257   Fax: 318-.274.2582    www.gram.edu
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An Equal Opportunity University


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