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Future of Nursing

  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing Report – Summary Recommendations

Social Media and Nursing Professionalism

  • Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program example module – Communicating with Patient Care Providers 
  • Look for externships and internships in nursing while you are students or recently graduated.
  • What’s Your Social Media IQ quiz (pdf on flash)
  • LinkedIn
  • Set up a LinkedIn account for your professional portfolio.
  • National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) offers members access to set up a professional electronic career portfolio
  • Clean up your facebook page.
  • Be observant of what you tweet and retweet and the pictures you post.
  • Have a working and professional email.
  • Handling Incivility and Bullying in Nursing - Civility in Nursing Toolkit: how to deal with workplace bullying, incivility, and new nurse intimidation 

Your First Job and Jumpstarting Your Career

  • Rosati, L.J. (2014). Strike gold when interviewing for your first nursing job, Nursing2014, 44(5), 49-52. pdf on flash
  • Advance for Nurses
  • Books to Bedside (2014 new grad digital edition) (pdf on flash)
  • AACN. “What Nursing Students Should Know About Employment” brochure. (pdf on flash)
    (all of the following book covers are jpegs on flash)
  • Cardillo, D.W. (2014). Your First Year as a Nurse: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Sigma Theta Tau, Intl. (2013). Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program: Transitioning from Student to Professional Nurse - ONLINE COURSE
  • Phillips, J.M., & Boivin, J. (2013). Accelerate Your Career in Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Arnoldussen, B. (2014). First Year Nurse: Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I’d Known my First 100 days on the Job. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Coleman, C.L. (2013). Man Up! A Practical Guide for Men in Nursing. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Thomas, L.M. (2012). Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Marshall, L.S. (2010). Taking Charge of Your Nursing Career. Sigma Theta Tau, Intl.
  • Duclos-Miller, P. (2006). Stressed Out About Your First Year of Nursing.

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Ethnic Nursing Organizations

Healthcare Safety and Public Health Organizations

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE, CE)
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