Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning & Outreach

Lifelong Learning & Outreach (LLO) within the Office of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning facilitates all of GSU’s traditional continuing education that is non-credit in nature.  Course offerings, activities, and education-related activities include:  academic and athletic camps; conferences; forums; institutes; seminars; and, workshops.  Course delivery is provided in both asynchronous and synchronous delivery formats to include traditional classroom face-to-face and online (self-paced). 

Many of the activities, courses, and/or events are facilitated by (current and retired) GSU faculty, staff, graduate students, and Community Liaisons who demonstrate a unique expertise generic to a specific subject matter.  Where appropriate, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Continuing Learning Units (CLUs) are offered for those requiring certification/validation by an employer as proof of continuous learning, knowledge/skill acquisition, or professional development.  GSU via CELL provides a non-credit transcript as proof of course completion.

A course registration fee (in most cases) is required with a specific course limit.  Registration and course enrollment is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Academic Summer Camps

A number of Academic Summer Camps are offered by various departments at GSU each summer.  While most academic camps offered at GSU require a registration fee, some camps are conducted through a grant and “may” be free to attend based on certain criteria or stipulations of the grant or Agency Sponsor.   For a listing of (proposed) Academic Summer Camps, please click on the link below indicating the year.

Summer 2011 (May 30th – July 29th)
Summer 2012 (May 28th – July 27th)

Athletic & Sport-Related Camps

A number of Athletic & Sport-Related Camps are conducted on the campus of GSU through the Office of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning, GSU’s Department of Athletics, GSU’s Department of Kinesiology, Sport, & Leisure Studies; or, an external Sponsoring Agency in Partnership with GSU.  To view a listing of camps inclusive of contacts and registration procedures, please click on the year below.

Summer - 2011 (May 30th – July 29th)
Summer – 2012 (May 28th – July 27th)

Conferences, Forums, Institutes, Seminars, Symposiums, & Workshops (CFISSW)

Conferences and related activities (i.e. forums, institutes, etc.) are spearheaded by various academic departments at GSU.  In some cases, GSU via the Office of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning (CELL) will serve as Host for a conference and/or related event at the request of an external entity (i.e. USDA, NCA, etc.).  CELL assists each of the activity/event sponsors by facilitating event planning, promoting, registration and evaluation.  Where appropriate, Certifications of Completion and non-credit transcripts are provide by CELL.

Fall Schedule - 2011
Spring Schedule - 2012
Summer Schedule - 2012

Non-Credit Courses

GSU offers a number of non-credit courses for learners of all ages in areas that include:  After-School Academic Success Academy (Science, Technology, English, & Math); Arts & Crafts; Basic Computer Literacy; Health & Fitness; Leisure; Self-Improvement; Personal Finance; and, Professional Development.  Classes are offered during the week, evening hours, and on weekends. 

A registration fee is required for most courses with enrollment on a first-come first-serve basis.  Certificates of Completion along with non-credit transcripts (where required) are provided upon course completion.

Fall Schedule – 2011
Spring Schedule – 2012
Summer Schedule – 2012

Online (Self-Paced) Courses

In response to the recent phenomenon in higher (continuing) education that focuses on the development of “partnerships with Third-Party (content) Providers” by electronic means,  GSU has Partnered with private companies who have developed a series of short courses aimed at adult learners seeking certification, professional development, or retooling in areas where employers are demanding evidence of lifelong learning.

Third-Party Vendors—approved by GSU in collaboration with the Office of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning (CELL)—offer courses that can be completed at your own pace.  In rare instances, some courses are offered in a traditional face-to-face format with GSU providing the instructional site.   Courses approved by GSU for non-credit online delivery are listed below:

Fall Schedule – 2011
Spring Schedule – 2012
Summer Schedule – 2012

For Seniors Only (FSO)

The 21st Century has ushered in a fast-paced society dominated by technology along with unique language for social media. GSU offers a number of courses specifically designed for those who have retired from the workforce and may want to learn a new skill or keep pace with order of the day.  Courses offered for “Seniors Only” have been customized specifically for those who desire to meet the challenges of technology, social media, or in a transitional stage (i.e. loss of spouse, divorce, etc.) in life.  Class size is limited to allow lifelong learners to receive direct attention by Course Instructors at a pace that promotes knowledge acquisition and skill development.

Fall Schedule – 2011
Spring Schedule – 2012
Summer Schedule - 2012