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Ellucian Degree Works™ is a comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit solution that aligns students, advisors, and institutions to a common goal: helping students graduate on time.


Help students stay motivated and graduate on time

  • Reach goalsStudents don’t waste time and money on unnecessary courses or stress about graduating on time.
  • Provide supportAdvisors have more time to provide insightful advice that supports better student outcomes.
  • Increase graduationInstitutions can monitor course demand and offer the right classes at the right time.
  • Increase enrollmentSimplified transfer articulation eliminates the manual processes associated with transcripts, so approvals are faster and students are more likely to choose your campus.


Degree audits and tracking - help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.

  • Clear visual indicators show whether a course requirement has been met or is in progress
  • Outstanding requirements are automatically displayed for courses not yet completed
  • Degree progress bars show where a student is on his or her academic journey
  • Degree audit worksheets, including the core academic, financial aid, and athletic eligibility audits are created on demand.

Student planning tools - map out students’ academic journey to keep them on track for on-time graduation.

  • Model degree plans can be assigned to individual students or a group
  • Simple to complex requirements can be built, including grade point average, test, course, non-course, and choice requirements
  • Clear on- and off-track indicators help advisors know when to intervene to help a student succeed
  • Students can register for classes directly from their Ellucian Degree Works plan, available out of the box with Ellucian XE-enabled Banner® by Ellucian

What-if and look-ahead analyses - help students understand how courses and majors affect degree time lines.

  • What-if audits show students their degree progress if they change their major
  • Look-ahead audits show students how their degrees would progress given assumptions on future course completions
  • Both types of audits can be performed simultaneously to gauge the effects of major and course decisions

Advising notes and user-friendly GPA calculators - enable real-time counseling capabilities between the advisor and the student.

  • Advisor note capabilities help advising staff clearly articulate their guidance to students
  • Notes follow students from advisor to advisor and can be updated at any time
  • The required GPA on remaining and required credits to achieve a desired overall GPA, is calculated with a simple click

Web-based exception processing and waivers - streamline internal processes and help students and advisors understand a student’s current status faster.

  • Course substitutions, waivers, and petitions are shown within the degree audit
  • Integration with Banner Workflow streamlines the approval process
  • Advisors can enter substitutions or exceptions directly into the student worksheet

Robust transfer articulation - provides incoming students clarity on whether their courses will transfer.

  • Ellucian Degree Works Transfer Equivalency offers an appealing application gateway for transfer students—increasing enrollment potential at your institution
  • Handy administrative tools easily map courses and process transcripts
  • This self-service tool enables transfer prospects to map courses between their old school and yours

Real-time visibility and advanced reporting - help answer important questions to support student success and institutional planning.

  • Query an accessible data store of advice, audits, and plans to help answer questions related to:
    • What is the breakdown of credits remaining to graduate?
    • How many students are planning to take this course?
    • How close are selected students to graduation, by percentage?
  • The Curriculum Planning Assistant provides student data that enables institutions to plan for future course offerings and identify emerging enrollment patterns

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Audit - automates the manual process of creating the SOC Degree Network System Student Agreement.

  • Military information is populated from the home school’s student information system and the required course and credit information is added to complete the form
  • Previously saved SOC audits can be accessed via the history tab

How it works

Ellucian Degree Works is an easy-to-use set of online academic planning tools that help students and advisors see what courses and requirements students need to graduate. And it integrates with your student information system and records interactions with students—so you can see what they see.