Office of Student Conduct




The purpose of the Office of Student Conduct is to ensure that students will not be deprived of life, liberty or property, administer a fair student disciplinary process that adheres to prescribed standards and to establish guidelines and rules to ensure that students maintain appropriate behavior at the University and off-campus.  The Code of Student Conduct creates an expectation of behavior that the Institution deems acceptable.  It is each student's responsibility to adhere to the policies and standards of conduct prescribed by the University, the Board of Supervisors for the University, as well as those established by local, state and federal laws.  The University publishes rules, regulations and policies concerning acceptable student behavior in the Code of Student Conduct.



  • To facilitate a process that promotes student development by challenging and supporting students owning individual responsibility;
  • To use educational strategies and disciplinary counseling as a catalysts for self-understanding and personal growth;
  • To enforce a system characterized by accountability, compassion, and increased civility; and
  • To promote a safe, orderly and positive University climate through informational programming, training, and intervention efforts.


Updated Student Code of Conduct 2023 PDF - qr codeStudent Conduct Resources:



Office of Student Conduct
403 Main St
PO Box 4309
Grambling, LA 71270
Phone:  (318) 274-6149 or 

Note: During the pandemic, please email or contact 318-274-6149 to schedule a virtual appointment with the Office of Student Conduct staff. Completed sanctions and appeals for Student Conduct should be submitted to the same email address.