Statement of Policies


As the Chief Executive Officer of the University, the President holds the ultimate authority in matters of student discipline. On rare occasions, this authority may be exercised on an exigent basis to protect University property and/or the health and safety of the University community. Unless otherwise exercised or modified, by the President, this authority is delegated to the Vice President of Student Affairs who shall oversee the functions of Student Conduct (Judicial Affairs). The Director of Student Conduct  is directly responsible for the daily administration of the University’s student judicial system. Code Authority is found in Louisiana Revised Statutes, Acts, Concurrent Resolutions, etc. as the following:

Louisiana Revised Statutes—17:10; 17:3101 through 17:3109 (1969); 17:3024 (1969).
Acts—Act No. 68 (1894), Act No. 529 (1968). Concurrent Resolutions No. 293 (1970) Title 1, OF THE DISTINCTION OF PERSONS, Act 37, Age of Majority (1972).

The Code of Student Conduct creates an expectation of behavior that the University deems acceptable. Its primary purpose is to ensure that students will not be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. Although every student has rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, these freedoms cannot be enjoyed, exercised, or protected in a community which lacks order and stability. It is, therefore, each student’s responsibility to adhere to the conduct and standards prescribed by the University, the Board of Trustees for the University of Louisiana System, as well as those established by local, state and federal laws.