Mediation Program

What is PDR/ Mediation Program?

GSU’s PDR (Program for Dispute Resolution)/ Mediation is one of the newest programs the University has to offer to students under the administration of the Office of Student Conduct. The PDR/ Mediation program is a process where a GSU faculty/staff and students, acting as a representative of Student Conduct, will serve as a mediator, or a neutral third party and assist students and/or student groups in conflict to resolve their dispute amicably. The goal of pdr/ mediation is to help students resolve conflicts before they elevate into a serious matter requiring sanctions. The process is completely voluntary and both parties must agree to mediation before it can take place.

Types of issues mediators monitor include:

  • Rumor and gossip disputes
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Racial and cultural confrontations
  • Minor assaults and fighting
  • Roommate conflicts
  • Student Organization disputes


Additional Information: