Room Guidelines

This web page is provided to help maximize your residence hall experience. The information contained here will:

  1. Enable you to become more familiar with our residence hall system, its services, programs, facilities, staff responsibilities, policies and procedures;
  2. Acquaint you with the philosophy and goals of residence hall living at Grambling State University;
  3. Inform you of a variety of your rights and responsibilities as a residence hall occupant; and
  4. Serve as a reference guide throughout the year.

It is important that you have an overall understanding of the residence hall program. This web page may answer many of your questions; however, no publication can give you all the answers.

Residence hall staff members are valuable information resources and can provide clarification and more specific information about the residence hall and campus affairs. Please feel free to address any questions to hall staff members. But to begin, please take time to thoroughly read this web page in order to become knowledgeable about your campus home.

Application Procedures

Students planning to live on campus must complete an online application by logging on their MY HOUSING PORTAL . All students must pay the total $200.00 fee regardless of Financial Aid Award (loans, scholarships, rehabilitation aid, etc.) Please do not send cash, money orders or personal checks. The priority deadlines for each term are: Fall- June 1; Spring -December 1; Summer - May 1.

Residency Requirement

The University of Louisiana Systems adopted a resolution on November 14, 1969, affecting the housing policy at Grambling State University and all of the colleges and universities under its jurisdiction. In compliance with the State Board Resolution, Grambling State University adopted the following on campus residence requirements: ALL UNMARRIED FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS, REGARDLESS OF AGE OR WHETHER OR NOT EMANCIPATED, EXCEPT THOSE LIVING WITH PARENTS, ARE REQUIRED TO LIVE IN OUR CAMPUS RESIDENCE HALLS AS LONG AS SPACE IS AVAILABLE.

The resolution further defined the on campus residency requirements to include a framework within which the colleges and universities may grant exemptions to the general regulation according to the respective university's unique academic qualities.

The application for exemption to the on campus residence hall requirements must be made in writing to the Director of Campus Living prior to the end of the preceding semester for which it is applicable. The student will be notified in writing of the decision rendered by the committee. Forms are available in the Office of Campus Living. Any student who has applied for and has been denied an exemption to the on campus residence requirement shall have the right to appeal such decision to the proper officials in accordance with the provisions and administrative procedures for appeal authorized and established pursuant to the authority of Act 59 of 1969 (L.R.S. 17:3101)

Appeal Process

  1. Office of Campus Living 
  2. Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs

Exemptions to the requirements of on campus residence hall living, when the residence halls are filled, will be made according to the following priority.

  1. First, Undergraduate students who wish to live with a close relative, defined as grandparent, married brother or married sister.
  2. Second, Seniors.
  3. Third, Juniors.
  4. Fourth, Sophomores.
  5. Fifth, Freshmen.

Within each of the foregoing classifications, the following additional rules of priority shall be applied:

  1. First, students who have resided in off campus housing the longest period of time.
  2. Second, date application was received.

In addition, an exemption may be applied for in a hardship case or by an older student.

Terms Under Which Rooms are Assigned

The following are terms under which rooms in residence halls are assigned.

  1. A student’s contract for room assignment is on an academic year basis. Any student not withdrawing from school, but moving off campus by choice and without official university approval, will pay residence hall costs for the remainder of the semester after the fourteenth (14th) class day for Fall and Spring Semesters and seventh (7th) class day for the Summer Session.
  2. Students living in residence halls are required to purchase appropriate meal plans for eating in the University Dining facility.
  3. Students who specify mutual roommate and residence hall preferences are placed as requested if possible. All assignments are made based on available space and submitted documentation.
  4. Certain regulations have been established for the maintenance of good living condition in the residence halls. Students agree to follow public regulations in accepting their room assignments. (University Handbook, Code of Student Conduct and Campus Living Publications)
  5. Permission to exchange, transfer, or vacate rooms must have prior approval of the Office of Campus Living.
  6. Upon accepting an assignment, a student understands that authorized University representatives will have access to the room when in conjunction with official university business.
  7. Room assignments and/or keys non- transferable.
  8. The student assignment contract stipulates on-campus occupancy, only, during the time the academic program is operative as stated in the catalog.
  9. Students wishing to cancel their room assignment must do so in writing thirty (30) days before the beginning of the semester for which housing is required. Unless such cancellation is made, pro-rated room rent charges shall be applied.
  10. Upon check-out from a residential facility, a student is responsible for removal of all personal belongings. The university assumes no liability for abandoned items.
  11. Students, who have not completed registration by the opening of the residence halls may be required to pay all or a portion of room and board costs.
  12. Assignment requests are honored based on available space and are not guaranteed.

The cancellation notice must be in writing to Campus Living and Housing. A refund may be received when applicable.

Floor or Wing Meetings

Residence Hall Meetings are held monthly. Attendance at these meetings is required because information is provided. Each resident is responsible for the information given at the meeting. Residents who have conflicts with the scheduled meeting are expected to meet with their Resident Assistant to obtain any information disseminated. Failure to attend meetings will result in a $25 charge.

Student Housing

The Office of Campus Living is located in Grambling Hall room 216. If there are any questions that a student would like to ask, he/she should not hesitate to call, stop by, or write.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Emergencies after 5:00 pm should be referred to the University Police Department immediately.