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Information Technology

Information Technology

Security Tips & Information

Security Tip

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Top Security Tips

  • Do not share sensitive data
  • Do not share personal information via email.
  • Do not open email attachments from sources you do not trust.
  • Back up your devices regularly.
  • Do not click on internet pop up ads or videos, especially on social media. 
  • Keep your browser and operating software up to date.

Keep passwords private

  • Do not share passwords, and change your passwords often.
  • Longer passwords are stronger passwords. 
  • Do not display passwords on or near your device!

Be smart with your smart phone

  • Enable secure access and have a password, pattern or fingerprint to unlock your screen.
  • Delete emails that contain confidential information.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone.
  • Do not store confidential information in your phone such as PINs or credit card information.
  • Beware of GPS tracking in your device.

Only join secure wifi networks that require a password

  • Do not pay bills, access bank accounts or shop online over public WiFi.