General Studies

Mission Statement

General Studies is a unique program that reflects diversity in learning and instruction.  Students gain the opportunity to explore varied interests that extend beyond a particular major.  This interdisciplinary approach to learning prepares students to succeed in a diversified workforce and equips students with the necessary skills to successfully engage in a productive work environment and strengthen skills for graduate and professional schools.


Program Objectives

  1. Deliver a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum.
  2. Offer concentrations that are specific to particular areas of knowledge.
  3. Promote a well-rounded education that prepares students for graduate school and the workforce.


Degree Program

The Bachelor in General Studies (BGS) requires the completion of 120 credit hours and offers four (4) concentration areas:  1) Humanities and Culture; 2) Gender, Race and Intersectionality; 3) Juvenile Behavioral Studies; and 4) Gerontology.  Students in the BGS program are required to meet university-wide service learning requirements.  A total of 160 hours of service learning are required for program completion (80 hours from academic courses and 80 hours from community involvement). 

In addition to the traditional on-campus delivery, the BGS program provides an online route that is 100% (online) distance-delivered which provides added flexibility for students.


Concentration Areas - Curriculum(s)


Contact Information

Adams Hall, Room 317
Phone: (318) 274-2256