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Dr. Derrick Warren, Dean of College of Business

Dr. Derrick Warren, Dean of the College of Business

Message from the Dean:

The College of Business prepares students to become productive citizens, strong civic leaders, and highly skilled professionals whose expertise fuels growth among Louisiana businesses and the rest. To succeed in the contemporary workplace, today’s students must prepare for jobs that are rapidly changing, use technologies that are still emerging and work with colleagues from all parts of the globe. In addition, the College of Business emphasizes its role in fostering personal growth and helping students examine their values and commitments.

In trying to make higher education relevant to the workforce, we are focusing on producing graduates with critical –thinking skills and abilities to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, work collaboratively and adapt to changing priorities. In addition to these “soft skills”, we are also emphasizing “hard skills” associated with specific jobs by partnering with companies to meet their workforce development strategy. We are also strengthening student competencies in middle skill-jobs such as information technologies as well as “foundation skills”

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