Measure 3: Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

Louisiana principals complete the Employer Questionnaire.  The questionnaire collects perception data on the quality of Grambling State University completers as measured by their supervisors. The Employee Questionnaire is distributed annually to Louisiana school district principals to measure their satisfaction of the preparation of the College of Education’s teacher education graduates for their assigned responsibilities in working with P-12 students.

In the fall 2019, the EPP identified three graduates in three school districts and received three Employer Questionnaires for a return rate of 100%.  In spring 2020, the EPP identified six graduates (one graduate attending graduate school) in five school districts and received four   Employer Questionnaires for a return rate of 80%. The graduate licensure areas included Elementary, Kinesiology and Music.  Current job placement and contact information are collected via the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) webpage on completers working in Louisiana public schools.


Additional/Supporting Data (Measure 3):

Measure 3: Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

The table below displays the results for questions related to program preparation. Overall, principals reported that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied with program completers (responded either “3” or “4” on a four-point scale).


Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
   1.   Knowledge of subject area (content)     57% 43%
   2.   Instructional and pedagogical content knowledge     57% 43%
   3.  Teaching diverse P-12 students     71% 29%
   4.  Alignment of teaching with state standards     71% 29%
   5.  Teaching P-12 students with diverse needs     71% 29%
   6.  Collaboration with school-based colleagues and staff     57% 43%
   7.  Family and community engagement   14% 29% 57%
   8.  Development of a safe learning environment   14% 57% 29%
   9.  An ability to utilize technology in the instructional process.   14% 57% 29%
 10.  Assessment of P-12 student learning     71% 29%