Measure 2: Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

The EPP was impacted by the immediate closures of all P-12 schools due to the impact of COVID-19. Data was not available for student impact on P-12 learning for the spring 2020. Data was also unavailable to assess indicators of teaching effectiveness with fidelity. Spring assessment data was not collected by the state of Louisiana in 2020. Data for Impact Measures 1 and 2 are provided by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents.  Due to discrepancies found in data used to calculate Growth in Student Learning Scores and Compass Teacher Evaluation Scores for new teachers completing individual teacher preparation programs, it was not possible to release 2019 Teacher Preparation Data Dashboards or create a 2019 Teacher Preparation Fact Book. However, we are hopeful that these activities such as classroom observations of completers using measures correlated with P-12 student learning can resume into the 2021–22 academic year. The EPP will also make sure that the data is shared with P-12 school partners, education faculty, candidates, completers, and the community. We anticipate the first set of data by fall 2021. A phase in plan for this process will be provided as part of our Self-Study Report to CAEP in spring 2022.


Additional/Supporting Data (Measure 2):