Care Center

The Centralized Advisement, Referral and Evaluation (CARE) Center personnel assist teacher candidates from their point of entry to the College of Education until graduation (and often even beyond this point). It is an advocate of the Conceptual Framework at Grambling State University that lives out the motto: Producing Knowledgeable, Skilled and Compassionate Educators and other School Professionals in the place “Where Everybody is Somebody.”   The CARE Center is a unit that renders assistance with admission procedures, with regulations that promote good standing in the College and University, and with requirements for admission to the College of Education, degree program, seminar, student teaching and graduation. Up to date records are maintained on each student. A check and balance system is in place in the form of a class, namely ED 201 – Advisee Report, which allows teacher candidates to monitor the contents of their records along with their academic advisor(s). The monitoring includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintenance of Applications to the College of Education and Degree Program
  • Maintenance of Degree Plans for each major (e.g. Grades 1-5, and Grades 6-12 Programs such as Biology Education, Mathematics Education, Social Studies Education, and all level programs such as Kinesiology - Pedagogy, Music Education - Instrumental/Vocal, and Special Education – Mild/Moderate Elementary Dual and Mild/Moderate Secondary
  • Maintenance of PRAXIS Examination Scores
  • Maintenance of approved course substitutions
  • Maintenance of signed Curriculum Contracts from a minimum of three semesters
  • Maintenance of transcripts
  • Maintenance of Letters of Recommendation, Disposition Inventories, Professional Conduct Forms
  • Maintenance of guidelines from the Board of Regents, State Department of Education, Bureau of Higher Education and Teacher Certification, NCATE, SACS, and various accreditation boards
  • Maintenance of documents such as Recommendations for Graduation, and recommendations for scholarships, honors and awards

Pertinent data on each teacher candidate is maintained in two extensive databases that are updated daily (i.e. when additional PRAXIS scores are received, various inquiries are made, etc.).  One database categories candidate data according to the Degree Plans declared, and the other is an Excel Database.  In keeping with Grambling State University’s Conceptual Framework, the CARE Center endeavors to ensure a smooth matriculation through the chosen programs of study so that there are no surprises at graduation.


Tiffany Winzer