Educational Resource Center

Mission/Goals of the Department/Unit

The ERC is a catalyst for dynamic growth and change in the college. It provides instructional resource for the college.  It is a means by which both faculty and students can learn about and experience the latest innovations in educational service delivery systems and educational technology. It also provides students and faculty members the opportunity for professional growth as well as new and varied educational experiences through workshops, instructional media (films, videotapes, projectors, overhead projectors, etc.), material production (print, lamination, etc.), and technical and administrative support.

The major purpose of the Educational Resource Center (ERC) is to provide support services to the College of Education. The goals of the ERC are:

  1. Student Retention - This will be accomplished by providing test preparation sessions for undergraduate and graduate students.  Second, computer workshops will be provided to students. They will be encouraged to do their assignments on the computer by providing technical assistance for them. The ERC will provide technical support for graduate students interested in using the university mainframe system for research and statistics, and those interested in using the information super highway.  It will also help students to develop media and technology-related projects for their classes.
  2. Faculty Development - The ERC will provide in-service workshops for faculty in the college of education and the laboratory school teachers.  The workshops will stimulate use of technology in the classroom.  In addition, the ERC will help faculty to integrate technology into their instruction by providing resources to redesign courses and to develop media materials.  It will provide assistance for data input and analyses to faculty that have collected research data.  It will also, help faculty to develop materials for presentation
  3. General support - The ERC will provide technical support for the college’s network and computing system.   This will occur through troubleshooting and regular maintenance of the networks.  The center will assist in the accreditation process for each of the units within the college. This will be achieved through data maintenance, access to specialized journals and books (those not readily available in the library) in the field.
  4. Product Development - The center will become a clearinghouse for information and products used to maximize the academic performance of our students.  Faculty and students will be encouraged to develop and try out innovative materials.


Student Retention

1.0       To promote students use of laboratories.
1.1       Provide workshops on computer use.
1.2       Provide technical assistance to students in the labs.
1.3       Provide PRAXIS preparation workshops to pre-service and in-service teachers.

Faculty Development

2.0       To stimulate faculty use of technology in instruction.

  1. Provide workshops on use of technology in instruction. 
  2. Assist faculty to develop technology materials for instruction.
  3. Loan equipment to faculty

3.0       To provide instructional support services for faculty and students.
3.1       Provide workshops that explore principles and methods of teaching and learning
            and diversity.
3.2       Purchase instructional materials that will be available for check out.

4.0       To help faculty to become more productive.
4.1       Provide easy access to specialized books, journals, etc., which may not be
            readily available in the library.
4.2       Assist faculty in grant proposal preparation
4.3       Provide data management and data analyses services for faculty and students.
4.4       Provide mechanism for faculty to use national database.

  1. Provide mechanism for faculty to use national data sets for research.

General Support

5.0       To coordinate computing system for the college.
5.1       Provide technical support for faculty and staff.

  1. Troubleshoot and solve computer problems for faculty and staff.
  2. Maintain the college’s network system.

6.0       To publicize the activities of the college.
6.1       Produce and disseminate two newsletters per year.
6.2       Produce promotional materials for the departments as they request

7.0       Allocate offices and classrooms.