Earl Lester Cole Honors College


Through program thrust, diverse activities and meaningful incentives, the Honors College has become a powerful motivating force for excellence and diversity in educational activities at GSU. Students find in the Honors College new ways of thinking, of facing challenges, new keys to understanding and incentives for achieving success. For continuous motivation, challenge and recognition the Honors College initiated certificates of academic achievement for participants, effective, April 24, 1998. Two types of Certificates are awarded to Freshmen and Graduating Seniors; Academic Distinction 3.70-4.00 and Academic Scholars 3.50-3.69. Also, a general recognition for achievement and service is presented at the Annual Spring Honors Convocation.

The organized plan of general education courses in the Honors College: English, History, Mathematics and the Sciences offered in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Science and Technology, are taught by professors in the respective departments in the colleges. The faculty in the Honors College direct interdisciplinary Seminars and other non-traditional educational experiences. In addition to Honors Courses and interdisciplinary seminars, faculty members in the Honors College are involved in planning with the students for the Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council (LCHC) in the Spring each year, the Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC) plus the National Honors Council (NCHC).

The Medallion Luncheon, recognition for graduating seniors in the Honors College, was initiated in the Spring 1998, and is held for each group of graduates, Spring, Summer, and Fall. (See Appendix: First Medallion Luncheon). Each luncheon program provides for the Vice President of Academic Affairs to speak, for comments by the University President and a response by the ranking student in the graduating class. Graduates received Bronze, Silver or Gold Medallions in keeping with their CGPA and participation in the Honors College.

The Annual Fall Ceremony for Induction of members into the Honors College is held each October. Since the Inaugural Program in 1990, 686 students have become members and 406 have graduated, representing all colleges/schools and the various degree granting programs at GSU.

The special Fall Induction Ceremony is well attended by parents from throughout the country, the university family and community citizens. In the program following the reading of the Oath and other program items, New Members receive the Honors Badges (pin), which is pinned by parents, faculty or friends. Also, special recognition is given to faculty and citizens for service to the university and state.

The students in the Honors College participate in a variety of academically based activities, many of which include experiences that strengthen academic personal/social and emotional development as noted in Program Thrust. In the Fall and Spring Honors College Round-Ups, students share experiences from their summer and semester breaks, organize groups for Quiz Bowls, Book Reviews, Lecture Series, select Miss Honors College and discuss plans for forthcoming conferences as the State, Regional and National levels. They review on experiences in internships, research, presentations at NAFEO, etc.