E.L. Cole Honors College Medallion


Members of the Honors College have an opportunity to work one-on-one with professors and receive individual attention in developing special creative work or research projects.  Students enjoy the use of technology in the classroom and build relationships with faculty, staff, and students.  The specialized non-traditional honors curriculum challenges students to confront ideas, to enhance development for their intellectual and analytical skills.

Experiential Learning

Students enrolled in honors seminar courses are engaged in experiential/service-learning which is a requirement for graduation.  Students are engaged in activities such as volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of America, building with Habit for Humanity or the Fuller Center, or other volunteerism activities.

Research Opportunities

Members of the Honors College are encouraged to participate in thesis seminar or independent study.  These seminars prepare students for graduate or professional school.

A Dedicated Staff

The faculty and staff of the Honors College work diligently with our students to help them apply for internships, scholarships, graduate and professional school admission and jobs.  The dean, faculty, and staff advise students with regard to career exploration and provide letters of recommendation when needed.