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What is the Honors College?

Raven Croft, Major: Marketing and Computer Information Systems

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Raven Croft,
Major:  Marketing and Computer Information Systems

Our Mission

The Earl Lester Cole Honors College was established in 1990 to increase challenges for academically talented students, who desire additional intellectual and unique educational experiences, and who show readiness to take greater individual responsibility for extending their academic, personal, and social development while completing requirements in their chosen degree.

Our Method

The Honors College enhances self-development by offering challenging Interdisciplinary Seminars that promote leadership, cultural diversity, career and graduate school preparation.   Through a variety of related experiences that are implemented through non-traditional modes of teaching and learning students become trailblazers who promote scholarship, leadership and comradeship.  In addition, the Honors College paves the way for students to become productive citizens by engaging them in service-learning and research opportunities. 

Our Pledge

Members of the Honors College are keenly aware of their personal and academic obligation to be exemplary scholars, leaders, and role models.  They pledge to take advantage of and pursue every opportunity to grow, develop, and excel. Members of the Honors College always try to be an inspiration to others.  They take this pledge without coercion or reservation and faithfully and enthusiastically accept the challenge inherent in becoming a member of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College.  The ultimate goal for a member of the Honors College is to distinguish himself/herself and Grambling State University with honor.