In addition to providing activities to promote gainful employment, members of the honors college are encouraged to attend graduate and/or professional school towards earning advanced degrees.  (A sample of the last 5 years)

Destiny Kinsey
Enrolled at Grambling State University School of Social Work

Joslyn Pennywell
Joslyn Pennywell

Antoinette Landor
Earned PhD. Philosophy
University Of Georgia

Alex Lodge
Earned PhD in Chemistry
University of Iowa                                                  

Anitra McGowan – Brown
Earned Law Degree
(Member of Law Review)
Campbell University

Monica McNeely
Earned Law Degree
Howard University

Brian Mosby
Earned PhD in Chemistry
Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)

Joslyn Pennywell
Earned Masters in Criminal Justice
Grambling State University
Employed as an Actress and Model

 Roxanne Stevenson
Admitted to Doctoral Program in Biology
University of Rochester (Rochester, N Y)

Portia Taylor
PhD. in Bio/ Engineering
Carnegie Melon University

Ashaksi Thomas (former Miss GSU)
Enrolled at Southern University Law School

Kendra Todd
Enrolled at Texas Southern Law School (Houston, TX)
Brandon Walker
Earned Masters in Chemistry
University of Iowa

Karletta White
Earned PhD in Psychology/ Criminal Justice
University of Iowa

Shelby Whittcomb
Admitted to GSU Graduate School Of Social Work