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Academic Affairs: New Faculty Orientation  Coordinated by Human Resources
Academic Affairs: Returning Faculty Meeting  See 2013 Faculty Handbook, Page 55
University General Catalog  Catalog Homepage
Academic Calendar [see, University General Catalog]  Catalog Homepage
Academic Affairs Viewbook  2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-2017
Academic Timetable  Promotion and Tenure: 2013 Faculty Handbook Appendix C
 University Curriculum Committee: 2013 Faculty Handbook, Page 62
Assessment Website
Faculty Handbook  2009 Edition, Addendum 1, Addendum 2; 2013 Edition
Faculty Annual Report Form
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer  See 2009 Faculty Handbook Addendum 2
Curriculum Forms
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 Request for New Major, Minor, Concentration, or Option
 Request to Change a Course
 Request to Add a Course
 Request to Delete a Course
 Request to Revise a Major or Minor

Program Review
Promotion and Tenure Forms

Request for Leave of Absence and Sabbatical Agreement
Enrollment Management Plan  Pending
Syllabus - Requirements  See 2013 Faculty Handbook, Page 47
Syllabus - General Education Language
Teaching Load Form
Textbook Policy