Cable TV


Setting up your TV to work with our service is easy

How to Setup My Television

1.       Connect your TV to the cable outlet with a coax cable

a.       Connect the coax cable to the coax port on the cable outlet.

b.       Next, connect the other end of the coax cable to the coax port on the back of your TV.

 i.      If there is a single coax port, connect the coax cable to that port

 ii.      If there is more than one coax port. connect the coax cable to the port labeled CABLE or CATV.

2.       Make sure the source on the TV is set correctly

a.       Using your TV remote or the front panel on your TV, change the INPUT or SOURCE until the source for the correct coax connection to your TV is selected

3.       Perform a channel scan for your television

a.       Once the coax IS connected to your cable outlet and TV and you have changed the source to the correct coax connection. you will need to run a TV channel scan. •Performing a channel scan varies based on the manufacturer and the TV model.


Your TV Manufacturer User's Manual can provide you with full details on how to connect your coax cable to your TV, change the source, and run a channel scan

If you purchase a TV for use in your residence hall, we suggest keeping your receipt in case the TV is not compatible with our cable system.  




Grambling State University| Grambling, LA

Cable TV Channel Line Up 





2 Grambling State University Community 41 FX
3 Grambling State University Channel Guide 42 American Classic Movies
4 KTVE, NBC Affiliate 43 Turner Classic Movies
5 KNOE, CBS Affiliate 44 E!  Entertainment Television
6 KAQY, ABC Affiliate 45 ABC Family
7 KARD, FOX 46 TV Land
8 KLTM, PBS Affiliate 47 ION (Formerly PAX-TV)
9 QVC 48 Lifetime
10 KEJB, MTN Affiliate 49 WE-Women’s Entertainment
11 HSN 50 SOAP Net
12 University Educational Channel 51 A & E
13 The Weather Channel 52 Sci-Fi
14 CNN 53 Comedy Central
15 CNN – Headline News 54 The Cartoon Network
16 FOX News 55 Nickelodeon/Nick At Nite
17 MSNBC 56 Disney
18 CNBC 57 GSN Game Show Network
19 Court TV 58 BET
20 Bloomberg 59 TV One
21 ESPN 60 C-Span
22 ESPN Classic 61 C-Span-2
23 ESPN News 62 Current TV
24 ESPN2 63 National Geographic Channel
25 ESPNU 64 Animal Plant
26 CSTV – College Sports Television 65 Discovery
27 NFL Network 66 Discovery Health
28 Fox Sports Southwest 67 The Science Channel
29 Speed Channel 68 The Learning Channel
30 Versus (Formerly Outdoor Life Network) 69 History Channel
31 Fuel 70 Military History
32 MTV 71 Travel Channel
33 MTV2 72 Food Network
34 VH - 1 73 HGTV-Home & Garden Television
35 VH1 Classic 74 Trinity Broadcast Network
36 Spike 75 EWTN
37 WTBS Superstation 76 G4 Video Game TV
38 WGN 77 Link TV
39 TNT – Turner Network Television 78 Grambling State University Educational
40 USA Network