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GSU Information Technology Center
Security Alert - Governor Issues State of Emergency

Some schools in Louisiana have recently experienced malware attacks. The Governor has issued a state of emergency, and IT encourages you to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with all emails.

Note: This is a warning to be on the alert for e-mail phishing scams that target your userid and password information or other attacks.

Can You Recognize A Phishing Email?

These are security tips from the GSU Information Technology Center to follow when opening emails.

  • Do not open suspicious emails or emails from unknown sources
  • Hover your cursor over hyperlinks included in e-mails to view the actual URL to make sure it actually relates to the email
  • Do not supply log-in credentials or personal identifying information in response to any e-mail
  • Never click on links inside spam email
  • Don't open unexpected attachments and links
  • Treat ALL emails with caution
  • Don't give confidential information
  • Be skeptical of unexpected emails
  • Use caution when downloading files
  • Forward suspicious requests for personal information to the GSU Information Technology Center @


A Single Click Can Change Everything

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