Networking Services


The Information Technology Center maintains an extensive, mostly underground, cable plant to connect the GSU campus.  We provide networking and telephone services to all buildings on campus.  To provide superior Internet connectivity, we operate one or more network equipment closets in each building.  These closets host the switches that connect buildings to the core network, as well as switches that fan out to all of the wall jacks and wireless access points in the building.  Closets are equipped with air conditioning and UPS systems to protect against any brief power outages, and to also provide power line conditioning.

Wireless Advancements

IT has deployed more than 1,000 monitored wireless access points across campus.  These access points provide Wi-Fi services in almost all buildings, and they are designed to provide high-density coverage in academic, administrative and all residence halls.

This extensive network infrastructure has been modernized in recent years, and it represents a major investment in the quality of technology services for GSU students, faculty and staff.  Our network is secured using multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion detection, and other modern security technologies.

Get Connected

GSU offers both wireless and wired connections to current GSU students, faculty and staff. Learn how to get connected today!


GSU students, faculty and staff should use the wireless network GSU.

GSU is our secure, enterprise-grade wireless network that requires your GSU username and password to connect. With over 1000 wireless access points in buildings across the GSU campus, IT strives to provide superior wireless Internet service. Learn how to get connected, and be sure to check out our Wi-Fi tips and tricks below. Visitors to campus should use the GSU Open network.

Steps to Connect

  1. Visit your network settings.
  2. From the list of available networks, choose GSU.
  3. When prompted, enter your GSU username and password, click submit.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. You’re now connected!

Wireless Tips & Tricks

 Turn your wireless service off and back on, this will reset your connection and reconnect you to the nearest wireless access point.

  • Please don’t use a wireless hotspot, and please don’t bring a router to campus. Leave the networking to us.
  • All devices are not created equal, certain devices like smart tvs and wireless printers may require a wired
  • We have over 1,000 wireless access points in buildings across campus, and we’re constantly adding more to provide a better service to you!

if you are experiencing wireless connection issues, we want to know about it. Please submit a work order or an email at  If you are reporting intermittent connectivity or an outage, please be prepared to provide your phone number, campus location and the type of device you are using.  

Wired Connections

GSU  provides wired and wireless Internet services.

Although wireless may be your go-to Internet solution, a wired connection can be more reliable. Wired connections are not affected by wireless hotspots, bluetooth connections or general traffic. Try a wired connection for your desktop or laptop today!

Connecting to Wired

Required Equipment:

  • A Standard Ethernet (network) card in your device
  • CAT 5 Ethernet cable (can be purchased at WalMart or local retail store).

 Steps to Connect

  1. Your device should be powered OFF
  2. Connect the device to the port with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Turn the device ON and open your web browser.
  4. You are now connected!


Need help?

Our IT HelpDesk is happy to help you get connected.  Click here to submit a work order.