Audix is our electronic voice messaging system that gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people both inside and outside of GSU. It gives you confidence that all your incoming and outgoing messages will be handled pleasantly and effectively.


*How to obtain your voicemail password?

  1. To obtain your voice mail password, submit a work order by emailing the IT helpdesk at helpdesk@gram.edu.

*Logging in for the first time

  1. Once you have your temporary password, dial extension 6699 from on campus or (318)274-6699 from off campus.
  2. Enter your temporary password, press the # key.
  3. Follow the pre-recorded instructions on setting your new password, personal greetings, etc.
  4. Simply hang up once you are finished.

*How to Access Voicemail?

  1. From your Extension, after initial enrollment is complete, you will dial 6699 and enter your PIN. 

*To log in from a standard touch-tone phone, or an extension other than your own, call the voice mail access number

  • Dial 274-6699 (from off campus) or 6699 (from on-campus)
  • You will hear: “Enter your Id followed by #”
  • Enter your 4 digit extension (xxxx #)
  • Your will then hear: “Enter your PIN followed by #”
  • Enter your PIN and press #