Registrar's Office

Graduation Information

Grambling State University confers degrees at its summer (no ceremony), fall and spring commencements. Students who meet degree requirements will have their degrees conferred. Candidates for graduation will submit applications to their college (Dean’s Office) according to the date listed in the academic calendar.

Spring 2023 Official Candidates for Graduation Program

Deadline to Apply for 2023 Spring Graduation - February 3, 2023 

Deadline to Apply for 2024 Spring Graduation: February 16, 2024
Deadline to Apply for 2024 Summer Graduation: July 19, 2024
Deadline to Apply for 2024 Fall Graduation:  September 13, 2024

Apply for 2023 Summer and Fall Graduation Online April 1, 2023 !!!!

Please click here for steps of how to apply for graduation on-line!


  • Testing: Please contact your department in regards to any departmental testing that may be required for graduation.
  • Residency: Earn at least 25 percent of the required credit hours for graduation in residence for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Transfer Credits: Students who have approval to take courses at another institution during their last semester should have transcripts forwarded to the GSU Registrar’s Office at least two weeks prior to graduation in order to participate in commencement.
  • Academic Regalia: Academic regalia can be purchased in the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, at the scheduled Grad Fair (Regalia: Graduation Regalia is available in the bookstore for purchase) or online at   Please contact the bookstore for costs and dates for renting/purchasing attire. Graduation announcements are also available through the bookstore.
  • Honors: Students who graduate with honors are recognized at commencement by wearing gold cords with academic regalia.
  • On-Line Graduation Clearances: It is the prospective graduate’s responsibility to ensure that all obligations to the University have been met. Departments must clear all holds on-line for candidates for graduation to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive an official graduation diploma. Students can monitor the clearance process via their Bannerweb Accounts. Students with delinquent accounts will NOT be allowed to participate in the academic procession. (Click here for the On-Line Graduation Clearance Process Document for additional information and to access all necessary documents.)
  • Degrees in Absentia: Candidates for graduation are expected to be present for commencement exercise unless written approval to be absent is given by the candidate’s Academic Dean. A copy should be filed in the Registrar’s Office, Grambling Hall, Room 18. Diplomas will be mailed the week following commencement for those approved candidates for graduation who could not participate in commencement exercises.
  • Career Planning & Placement: Seniors are encouraged to utilize services of the Career Planning and Placement Center for employment and professional school information as well as to refine their interviewing and other job search skills. The Career Planning and Placement Center is located on the first floor of Jacob T. Stewart Building. You must register at the center as part of the clearance process.
  • Reapplying for Graduation: If all degree requirements are not met at the end of the semester in which a student applies for graduation, he/she must submit another complete application for graduation.
  • Graduation Photographs: Proofs of photos from commencement will be mailed to the home address of each student for purchase consideration. Please make certain that your mailing address is correct in the Registrar’s Office. You may view addresses on BannerWeb.  For healthy and safety reasons, the photographer will not provide sample gowns for the photos.  Students must wear their own personal gowns which are available for purchase in the bookstore prior to the grad fair or purchased at the grad fair before photos are taken.  
  • Rehearsal: All students who plan to participate in commencement can attend graduation rehearsal at 9:00 a.m. in the Assembly Center. Instructions are given on conduct, wearing academic attire, assembling and receiving diplomas. Line up and seating assignments are made.


Graduation Rehearsal Dates

  • Spring 2024 - Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 9:00 A.M. in the Fred Hobdy Assembly Center.

Commencement Dates

  • Spring 2024 - May 10, 2024, at 10:00 A.M. in the Fred Hobdy Assembly Center.
  • Summer 2023 - No Ceremony

Graduation Fair

  • Spring 2024 - March 12-13, 2024, from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the Black and Gold Room.


Take I-20 (west from Monroe, Louisiana or Jackson, Mississippi east from Shreveport or Dallas, Texas) to Exit 81. Drive 1¼ miles south on R. W. E. Jones Drive follow the signs to the Assembly Center.