Registrar's Office

Curriculum Change/Catalog

Students who desire to change their academic programs should seek the advice and consent of the department head and academic dean of both college/schools concerned. A Curriculum Change Form must be obtained from and filed in the Registrar’s Office to document the change within 48 hours with the required approvals. If a new catalog is in effect when the changes become official, the student will be subject to the regulations of the new catalog.

Except where the State of Louisiana, the University of Louisiana System has set new requirements, a normally progressing student is expected to complete degree requirements as specified in the Grambling State University catalog for the year when the student is admitted to a program in one of the degree granting colleges/schools of the University. In the case of transfer students who are progressing normally at the sophomore or higher classification, the students must meet requirements specified in the catalog current when he/she enters and is admitted to a program at Grambling State University.

Students who discontinue study at Grambling State University for one or more semesters (including those on disciplinary or academic suspension) are not normally progressing students; therefore, they must meet requirements current with the semester in which they return.