Registrar's Office

Credit by Departmental Examination

Several departments within the University prepare, administer, score, and award credit for their own examinations. Credit examinations are administered in some subject areas for the benefit of the student who believes he/she has already attained the level of knowledge required in the course(s).

The procedure for registering for credit by examination is as follows:

  1. Students may register for credit by examination in any approved course, but only during regular registration periods. No examination can be given to a student who has not properly registered for the examination. Permission to take a credit examination in a given course will be denied those students who have previously attempted the course for credit, those who have earned credit in a higher sequence course, or those who have audited the course.

  2. Each credit examination must be approved in advance by the student's advisor, dean of the college in which student is registered and head of department in which course is offered. Credits by examination should be approved only if a student has already gained a fundamental knowledge of the course.

  3. Permission to take a credit examination should be granted only to students currently enrolled at Grambling State University.

  4. Credit for a course taken by examination can be awarded only if the student is officially registered for the course, except in the case of students in nursing.

  5. If a student has registered in a course or failed a prior credit examination in the course, he will not be permitted to take a credit by examination in the course. A credit examination, once failed, may not be repeated.

  6. No instructor should give a credit examination until the official application is completed by the student and approved by the proper officials.

  7. The maximum credit which can be awarded through credit by examination is 24 semester hours (not more than six semester hours in any semester, except in the case of nursing students for which 38 semester hours is the maximum for RN students). This includes credit by examination earned by transfer students prior to being admitted to Grambling State University.