Registrar's Office

Auditing Courses

A student who wants to enroll in a college credit course for personal enrichment and who does not want to earn college credit may select to audit the course. The decision should be made at the time of registration.

To audit a course the student must receive the approval of the department in which the course is offered (bring approval to the Registrar’s Office), pay the audit fee (same as fee charged for credit) and complete the registration procedure. However, a student may not take more than the maximum allowable hours during any semester; this includes hours audited. Students who audit will not receive credit. Anyone who wishes to change registration from audit to credit or from credit to audit must make the change before or on the last day of registration. A student may audit no more than one course in any semester. A course audited cannot be used to fulfill graduation requirements. A course previously audited may be taken for credit by enrolling in the course.