Registrar's Office

Academic Renewal

Undergraduate students may, at the time of application for admission or readmission to the University, file for academic renewal in the Registrar’s Office if they have not been enrolled in any college or university for a period of three calendar years immediately preceding their enrollment at Grambling. No courses that have previously been taken, whether passed or failed, will be counted in the student’s grade point average or toward graduation. However, the courses and grades will remain on the student’s scholastic records and transcripts. The grade point average for determining graduation honors will include all grades on the undergraduate record. Students are cautioned that many undergraduate professional curricula and most graduate and professional schools compute the undergraduate grade point average on all hours attempted when considering applications for admission. Grambling State University may choose to accept or not accept, in transfer, academic renewal granted at another institution. Academic renewal can be granted only once, regardless of the institutions attended.

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