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Information Technology

Information Technology



The mission of the Student Technology Center is to support all academic endeavors, collegiate life and the administration of Grambling State University while providing relevant state-of-the-art information technology resources to the entire student body and to provide students with an on-campus work experience in a clean and safe environment on-campus.


When rules are created someone will always feel that they can bend or break them. We implement rules not to hinder but to protect the rights of a group as a whole, not an individual. Our job is to enforce these policies, which you the student voted on. We welcome your input or feed back when you don’t agree, but again the Student Committee makes the rules. This facility is for the use of Grambling State University students. When a rule is broken, we will use acceptable measures approved by the Student Committee.

  • All students ID cards will be checked and must be validated with sticker.
  • No food or drinks allowed in labs.
  • No loud music.
  • All computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Do not ignore copyright laws!
  • Keep all book-bags and purses off the floor. We will not be responsible for stolen items. If an article comes up missing, report it immediately to staff on duty.
  • No games allow on systems.
  • Horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • We will allow certain software to be installed on systems; you must permit staff to do this.
  • We will not be held responsible for lost or damaged data.
  • We will remove all data, whenever we consider it appropriate.
  • Cell phones must be on vibrate.
  • Absolutely no viewing of Pornography.
    This is violation of school policy. Offenders will be disciplined.

Please click here for the PDF Manual of the Student Technology Center Policies & Procedures

Student Technology Center Employment

Interested in a job within the STC department -- click here for a STC Application Form

In order to be considered for a position, you are required to fill out a form and send it to the STC department. This information is in PDF format. Acrobat Reader is required in order to read it.



Lab Location/Hours/Capacity

Jacob T. Stewart, Room 138 

Sunday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
Friday: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Lab Equipment