Registrar's Office

Registration Procedures

Steps to Complete On—Line Registration (Including Fee Payment)

  1. Log onto BannerWeb
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Accept/Pay Fees
  5. Select Term (if not previously selected).  Charges and credits for the selected term will show.
  6. Press submit
  7. Note:  If you have a previous balance or you want to pay by check or credit card you can submit payment at this point.
  8. Select a Term
  9. Enter the appropriate check or credit card information and submit.
  10. Go back through steps 2 to 4 to Accept fees.
  11. Carefully read the Financial Aid/Scholarship Authorization
  12. To accept the fees/charge, enter your PIN, first and last name (these items are not case sensitive).
  13. If you have enough aid to cover your fees, select the Accept Fees button.
  14. You will receive a message stating that you have successfully completed registration for the selected term.
  15.  You should then select the Get Fee Sheet button.
  16. This is your Fee Sheet.  Please print a copy of your records.
  17. Your registration is complete if the fee sheet indicates “REGISTERED”.


    If there are no classes, please contact your advisor to obtain your alternate PIN to enter your class schedule.

    If there is a hold, click help in the upper right corner of the page to view reason for hold and contact the appropriate office.

    If there is not enough aid to cover tuition, charges, or credits then your balance will show.  You have three (3) options for payment:

    1. Establish a payment plan
    2. Pay by check
    3. Pay by credit card

    Choose the option of your choice.

    Upon successful completion of the on-line fee acceptance procedures, a message will appear confirming your completed registration.  You can now proceed to obtain your ID/meal cards.
    Thanks for using the on-line registration process and

    Click here for PDF