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Office of Career Services

Office of Career Services

Career Services Calendar

Grambling State University
Office of Career Services

2018 – 2019 Career Services Calendar
Other Dates will be added as needed.

FALL 2018

AUGUST, 2018


August 16, 2018 – Thursday

Career Focused – Orientation Week-Grambling Hall 1:00p.m.

August 22, 2018 – Wednesday

Career Fair for Part-time Jobs and Work Study-Favort Student Union-Black and Gold Room.




September 4, 2018 – Tuesday

Learn how to use Elite Tiger Works, powered by Hand Shake.  3-4:30p.m.  Grambling Hall.

September 6-7, 2018 – Thursday and Friday

Nationwide Information Sessions and Interviews, Location-TBA.

Career Week


September 9, 2018 –Sunday

Suit Up with JC Penney’s, Pecanland Mall, Monroe, LA  Transportation will be provided.  6:30-9:30p.m.

September 10, 2018-Monday

Drop in for Career Advising and other CS Services. 8-4:30p.m. Office of Career Services, JTS, Ste 130.

September 10, 2018-Monday

Everything Starts with you! Attitude, Body Language, Positive Expressions, Equals Interpersonal Skills. Nursing Auditorium –
Ms. Edna Matthews and Willie Rivers Presenters.  6:30-8:30p.m.

September 12, 2018-Wednesday

Drop in for Resume Assistance.  Find out how to apply for Scholarships and Internships.  8-4:30p.m. Office of Career Services, JTS, Ste. 130.

September 13, 2018-Thursday

Check Out our Clothes Closet for Professional Wear 8-4:30p.m.  Office of Career Services, JTS, Ste 130.

September 19, 2018-Wednesday

Social Media-Can It Help or Hurt. Johnathan Swindell, Owner and Developer of Hub App.  3:30-4:30p.m. Grambling Hall.

September 24, 2018-Monday

Lunch & Learn and Class Information Sessions, National Wildlife Federation.  12 Noon-1:30p.m. Location TBA.

September 25, 2018-Tuesday

Class Information Sessions, National Wildlife Federation. 2-5:00p.m. Interviews- 5:30-6:30p.m.

September 26, 2018-Wednesday

Time Management-It’s a Form of Communication, 4-5:30p.m. Grambling Hall.

OCTOBER, 2018  

Career Fair Prep


October 1, 2018-Monday

How to Navigate a Career Fair, 3-4:30p.m. Grambling Hall.

October 3, 2018-Wednesday

Tips for Interviewing.  Come prepared to give your Elevator Pitch and win financial prizes. 
Bring your friends to cheer for you! 5:30-6:30p.m. Location-TBA.

October 4, 2018-Thursday

Resume Preparation, 3-4:30p.m. Office of Career Services, JTS, Ste. 130.

October 4, 2018- Thursday

Senior Walk In Day Clinic – Stop by to get all things ready for the upcoming Career Fair.  JTS, Ste. 130.

October 15, 2018-Monday

Internship Workshop. 6-7:30p.m.  Grambling Hall.

October 16, 2018-Tuesday

Lonnie Smith Career Fair. 12-4:00p.m.  Location-TBA.

October 17, 2018-Wednesday

Fall Internship Fair. 12-4:00p.m.  Favort Student Union, Black and Gold Room.

October 17, 2018-Wednesday

Public Administration Career Fair. 12-4:00p.m. Favort Student Union, Black and Gold Room.

October 24, 2018-Wednesday

Social Work Career Fair. 11-3:00p.m.  Favort Student Union, Black and Gold Room.

October 29, 2018-Monday

Corporate Panel, Learn From the Best. 10-11:30a.m. Grambling Hall.
NOVEMBER, 2018  

November 7, 2018-Wednesday

Developing a Finance Strategy for your Business. 3-4:30p.m. Robert Wiley, Vice President/Lending, First National Bank.  Grambling Hall.

November 12, 2018-Monday

Real Talk, Speak Your Mind at the Black and Gold Table. 5:30-7:30p.m. Location-TBA.

November 19, 2018-Monday

Branding Yourself Like your Business Brand – Small Business Administration, Monroe, LA.  2-3:30p.m. Grambling Hall.

JANUARY, 2019  
Career Services Week (8-4:30p.m. Office of Career Services- JTS, Ste. 130)

January 28-31 2019-Monday

Learn How to Use Elite Tiger Works powered by Hand Shake.

January 29, 2019-Tuesday

Learn How to Look for Internships.

January 30, 2019-Wednesday

Learn How to Mix and Match Professional Wear/Clothes Closet.

January 31, 2019-Thursday

Mock Interviews-We Can Show You How.
FEBRUARY, 2019  

February 19, 2019-Tuesday

Spring Career, Educational, & Graduate Fair. 12-4:00p.m. Location TBA.

February 20, 2019-Wednesday

Internship Fair, Favrot Student Union Black and Gold Room, 12-4:00p.m.

February 27, 2019-Thursday

Chat, Chew, and Fashion Revue, 6-8:00p.m.  Favort Student Union Black and Gold Room.

MARCH, 2019  

March 4, 2019-Thursday

Becoming a Better Me. 4-5:00p.m.  Location-TBA.

March 20, 2019-Wednesday

Why Professionalism is Important and What It Entails. 5:30-6:30p.m. Hobdy Assembly Center-President’s Dining.

APRIL, 2019  

April 8, 2019-Monday

What Does it Take to be Job Ready?  5:30-7:00p.m. Grambling Hall.

April 11, 2019-Thursday

Work Study and Supervisor Awards of the Year, Time and Location TBA.



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