Economics Department


The mission of the Department of Economics is to help students realize their potential, and develop their capacities to think critically and objectively about the economic problems and issues impacting their lives and communities. African American students should have the economic skills and understanding they need as workers, consumers, savers and investors, and citizens. As young people entering the workforce, they cannot function effectively without knowledge of how the world works. It is especially necessary to give these young people, who are our future--a grasp of the basic principles of the American economic system.


To help the student develop the capacity to think critically, objectively, and with a reasonable degree of sophistication about economic problems and issues:

  • To prepare students for careers in business industry, commerce, and government;
  • To provide students with a firm foundation for graduate study in Economics and its related disciplines; and
  • To provide services to students and the community through the utilization of staff and facilities.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics is offered for those students who complete the outlined program of study and meet the requirements of the Department of Economics and the College of Business. Students must complete 33 semester hours in economics (including Econ. 201 & Econ. 202), and 36 semester hours core requirements. Students may choose any 3 additional semester hours outside the business area. (Foreign language is strongly recommended). Eighteen (18) hours in economics (including Econ. 201, 202) will satisfy minor requirements. (120 Hours total)

Department Resources

  • Members of the Economics and Finance Club
  • Provide Tutorial Sessions for Economics Majors

Department Head:

Dr. Ogbonnaya J. Nwoha
Interim Department Head
Department of Economics
P. O. Box 4230
Grambling, LA 71245
Jacob T. Stewart Building, Room 342
Office Number: (318) 274 - 2463
Fax Number: (318) 274-3201