What is G-flex?

G-flex is a stored value account into which discretionary funds may be deposited and accessed using your Tiger 1 Card. The account may be used to purchase goods or services at any On- or Off-campus merchant locations.  

Funds are loaded to the G-flex account 1 of 2 ways: 

Tuition Account Transfer
If a student’s tuition account has a credit balance the student may request to deposit a portion of this credit balance into their G-flex account. The requested funds will be debited from the credit balance of the tuition account. Click on the link "Steps to request G-Flex on Banner Web" to get step-by-step directions to request a transfer to your G-Flex account. 

*Note: Tuition account transfer is only available for a limited time each semester.

Debit/Credit Card Deposits

Online deposits may be made safely and securely anytime during the semester to the G-flex account from a debit/credit card with the link below.

Debit/Credit Card Deposits
Deposits may be made safely and securely to the G-flex account from a debit/credit card online with the link below.


Check Balance

You can check the balance of your Tiger1 Card at any time using the link below.


G-flex Account Refunds
Refunds of the G-flex account balance are allowed in the event a student graduates, withdraws, or dismissed from the University. Any G-flex balance not spent will be returned to the student’s student account at the end of each semester. The funds will go toward the student’s account balance or if the student does not owe a balance, funds will be issued by direct deposit or by check.


Cash Withdrawal
Cash withdrawal is not an option from the G-flex account. Off-campus merchants will not be able to offer cash back.


G-Flex Merchants

To view locations where G-Flex is accepted, click the link below.