Tiger1 Card Terms of Use

  • The Tiger1 Card is the official Grambling State University identification card. All  students, faculty, and staff are required to have their card for identification purposes. The  card must be carried at all times while on the GSU campus. The card should be treated like cash, a credit card, or a key.
  • The Tiger1 Card must be presented for identification if requested by a university official.
  • The Tiger1 Card should be relinquished by faculty and staff upon separation from the university. Access privileges of the Tiger1 Card will be deactivated when student, faculty, or staff status is terminated. Access privileges are deactivated for students not registered for courses and are not charged tuition.
  • The Tiger1 Card is to be used only by the person it is issued. Only the cardholder can present the card for transactions and other privileges. The Tiger1 Card can be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder. Individuals who allow another person to use their Tiger1 Card for any purpose can have their Tiger1 Card privileges suspended and may be assessed a fee to have their card reactivated.
  • The Tiger1 Cardholder is responsible for any loss of funds due to a lost or stolen card. The cardholder must immediately suspend the Tiger1 Card account if the card is lost or stolen at https://tiger1-gramsp.transactcampus.com/eAccounts. Replacement cards are only issued in person by the Tiger1 Card Office. Once a new Tiger1 Card has been created, the old Tiger1 Card will be invalid and cannot be reactivated if found.
  • The Tiger1 Card must not be altered or damaged in any manner. This includes but is not limited to punching holes in or affixing unapproved stickers to the card. The card should be kept away from computers, cell phones, TVs, stereo equipment, microwaves, and other magnetic devices. Do not store your card where it may bend or come in direct contact with other magnetized cards. Damage or misuse of the card may render it unusable.
  • The Tiger1 Card Office reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions regulating the use of the Tiger1 Card.