Steps to Request GFLEX

Transfer G-Flex Funds  using Your Credit Balance flyer

Steps to Request GFLEX on Banner Web:

  • Log onto
  • Click on Banner Web
  • Enter Secure Area
  • Enter ID number and PIN
  • Click on Student tab under the Main Menu
  • Click on Request GFLEX
  • Key in GFLEX dollar amount from the maximum amount available
  • Click on Submit
  • Click to Confirm
  • Then the student will receive a confirmation screen stating
     “You have successfully submitted your request on the current date.”

Please remember:
Funds will be available within 2 business days of confirmed request.

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Add G-Flex Funds Using  A Credit Card flyer

Steps to Add G-Flex with a Credit Card

  • Sign into eAccounts
  • Select “Accounts”
  • Under G-Flex, Select “Add Money”
  • Once on the Make Account Deposit page, Choose the “Deposit Type”
  • Enter “Target Balance”
  • Enter Credit Card Payment information
  • Click on Submit

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