Replace Tiger1 Card & Report Lost/Stolen

Your Tiger1 Card contains vital information and is essential for access and identification while on the campus of Grambling State University. It is very important that you take every precaution to prevent it from being damaged, lost, or stolen.

Lost or Stolen Cards
There is a $25.00 replacement fee for lost cards. Pay online by accessing your Banner Web account, click on Student, Student Account, Payment and Deposit Processing, and Various Student Fees. Click on the ID option and make your payment. (Tuition Transfer or Gflex Transfer is not an accepted form of payment)

Click the link below to report your card lost or stolen.

Steps to Report Lost/Stolen:

  • Sign into eAccounts,
  • Select “Card Services”,
  • Select “Deactivate Card”.
  • You will receive an email confirmation “Card Deactivation Notification”.
  • If the card is found, repeat the same steps to reactivate your card. Instead of selecting “Deactivate Card,” Select “Activate Card.”

In addition, the Tiger1 Card Office can freeze your card so it cannot be swiped for use, protecting your accounts (ex. Meal Plan, Tiger Bucks, G-Flex, etc.).

To submit your request, please email or call 318-274-2081, 318-274-4653.

Damaged Cards
If your Tiger1 Card fails to work, please take it to the Tiger1 Card Office in Lee Hall, Room 100. If we cannot fix the problem, we will replace your Tiger1 Card at no cost to you if the following circumstances apply: 

  • The card is defective. 
  • You are submitting a legal name change. 

You WILL be charged a replacement fee for lost card if…

  • Your Tiger1 Card has been misused (torn, chewed by pet, extensively scratched).
  • Your Tiger1 Card is bent.
  • Your Tiger1 Card is broken or split.
  • A hole was punched or stickers are on your Tiger1 Card.
  • Your Tiger1 Card is warped from heat (dashboard, clothes dryer, etc.)

How to Obtain Your Replacement ID
If you would like the same photo on your ID, you DO NOT need to submit a photo via online photo submission. Simply visit the Tiger1 Card office, ask for a replacement ID, and provide proof of payment.

If you would like a new photo on your ID, please see the instructions for Online Photo Submission.