Reporting an Error

If you believe your statement or receipt is incorrect or if you need more information about a transaction, contact the Tiger1 Card Office. We must hear from you within 30 business days after the statement or receipt containing the error was made available to you.

Please review the notes below when preparing to report an error (in person):

  • Do you have your Tiger1 Card (Name and G#)?
  • What is the error or transaction in question? Am I able to clearly explain why I believe there is an error or why I need additional information?
  • What is the dollar amount of the suspected error or transaction?
  • What is a reliable contact number where I may be reached during normal business hours?

In addition to notifying the Tiger1 Card Office in person, we may also request a written statement and/or supporting documentation within 7 business days of notification. If a written statement and/or supporting documentation is not submitted, as requested, your account will not be credited.

Once we are notified, we will contact you with our results within 3 business days. If additional time is required to resolve the issue we may take up to 30 calendar days to complete our investigation.

You will be notified promptly, if our investigation determines there was no error. If our investigation determines there was an error, your account will be credited accordingly. You may request copies of the documents used for our investigation.

For assistance, call 318-274-4653/318-274-2081 or email Be sure to provide your name, G-Number, and phone number in your email.