Human Resources

New Employee Orientation

Below are the forms and information necessary to complete the New Employee Orientation process (organized by type of position). Please download the information below corresponding to your type of position, complete it, and return it to the Office of Human Resources. Please click here for an explanation of the different employee classifications.

Form Name/Title Classified
HRF00-NEO Cover Page X X X X
HRF0-NEO Welcome X X X X
HRF1-New Employee Checklist X X X X
HRF2-Personal Data Form X X X X
HRF3 - L4 Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate X X X X
HRF3b-L-4E-State Exemption from Withholding LA Income Tax X X X X
HRF4-W4-Employee's Withholding Allowance Form X X X X
HRF5-Employment Eligibility Verification - I9 X X X X
HRF7-OASDI Deduction-Contributions Form X X X X
HRF8-E2-Second Injury Fund-Medical History Questionnaire X X X X
HRF9a-Verification of Employment Form X X X X
HRF9b-Prior State Service Questionnaire X X X X
HRF10-Notification of At-Will Unclassified Employment       X
HRF12a-Identification and Parking Decal X X X X
HRF12b-Parking Decal X X X X
HRF12c-Campus Parking Map X X X X
HRF13-Pre-Authorized Direct Deposit X X X X
HRF14-Notification to HR Requesting Salary Deferment X     X
HRF15a-GSU Driver Safety Program X X X X
HRF15b-Authorization & Driving History Form X X X X
HRF15c-Driving Record Release X X X X
HRF16-Louisiana Public Records Law Form X X   X
HRF17-Selective Service Certification Form X     X
HRF18-Acknowledgement of Notification Requirements X     X
HRF19-Appointment Oath & Dual Employment Law X     X
HRF20-Employee Annual Information and Certification Form X X   X
HRF21-Disclosure of Outside Employment X X   X
HRF22-Acknowledgement of Receipt for All Documents X X   X
HRF23-Policy on Reasonable Accommodations X X   X
HRF24a-Safety & Risk Management Home Page (intranet only) X X X X
HRF24b-Building Coordinators & Emergency Numbers X X X X
HRF24c-Safety and Risk Management Brochure X X X X
HRF24d-General Safety Manual Policy Statement and Program X X X X
HRF24e-Acknowledgement of Safety Rules and Responsibilities X X X X
HRF24f-Safety Responsibilities X X X X
HRF24g-Safety Rules X X X X
HRF24i-Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoint Presentation X X X X
HRF24j-Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Policy X X X X
HRF24k-Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Table of Contents X X X X
HRF24l-Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan X X X X
HRF25b - Violence in the Workplace Policy X X X X
HRF26-Acknowledgement of Receipt Sexual Harassment Policy X X X X
HRF26a-Sexual Harassment Policy X X X X
HRF26b-Procedures for Complaint of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation X X X X
HRF26c-GSU Sexual Harassment Presentation X X X X
HRF26d-STOP Sexual Harassment Flyer X X X X
HRF26e-Preventing Sexual Harassment Brochure X X X X
HRF27a-Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace Policy X X X X
HRF27b-Drug Free Workplace Act X X X X
HRF27c-Certification and Declaration of Drug Free Workplace Act X X X X
HRF27d-Acknowlegment of Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 X X X X
HRF27e-Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace Policy X X X X
HRF27f-Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Brochure X X X X
HRF27g-Acknowledgement of Drug Screening Testing Policy X X X X
HRF27h-Employee Drug Screening Testing Policy X X X X
HRF27i-Drug-Free Employee Training Presentation X X X X
HRF27j-Employee Assistance Program Brochure X X X X
Code of ethics policy X X X X
HRF28-Transitional Return to Work Policy X X X X
HRF29-LEO Instructions X X X X
HRF31-Acknowledgement of Conditions of Grant-Funded Positions X X X X
HRF32b-TRSL Form 2SS - Statement Concerning Your Employment in Job Not Covered by SS X X X X
HRF32c- Form 02frb - Forfeiture of Retirement Benefits-Attestation of Understanding X X X X
HRF32d-TRSL Form02 - Enrollment Application_Employment Notification X X X X
HRF32e-TRSL Form16 - Application for ORP or Change of Carrier X X X X
HRF32f- Form 01-3 - Beneficiary Designation Form X X X X
HRF32g- Form 07a - Retiree Refund Application X X X X
HRF32h- Form 15- Retiree Return to Work Notification X X X X
HRF32i- Form 15cs - Retiree Return to Work Critical Shortage Certification X X X X
HRF33-Affordable Care Act Memo X X X X
HRF33b-Marketplace Information (September2013) X X X X
HRF33c-New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Option X X X X
HRF33d-ACA Notice X X X X
HRF33e-Employee Benefits Summary X X X X
HRF34- Legislative Act264 X X X X
HRF34a-Acknowledgement of Act No 264 X X X X
Faculty Timesheet X X X X
Staff Timesheet X X X X
Email Request Form X X X X
Change of Address Form X X X X
HRF36-Tiger Buddy Checklist X X X X

Complete Orientation Package - This package has been combined and zipped for easy download. These files are rather large and it is recommended that dial-up users use the individual files for their job type listed above. (Right click on the link, then select "Save As" to save the zip files below)


For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at:

Unclassified Professional and Faculty Appointments
318/274-6159 or

Equal Employment Office
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